SelfBrand is a branding and personal development company offering keynotes, workshops and coaching to executives, employees and entrepreneurs on breakthrough branding - branding yourself for success and kick-starting your business, products and services through the art of branding.

SelfBrand draws on principles and strategies from the commercial world of brands such as visual identity, verbal identity, community-building, influence, persuasion, visibility and innovation to give people more personal impact and business effectiveness.

SelfBrand offers dynamic, fun presentations, workshops and coaching in these specialties:

In her keynotes, workshops and talks, SelfBrand founder, Catherine Kaputa, provides energy, business insight and humor custom tailored for each audience.

You Are a Brand!

Destiny is a dramatic word—but really, the first step in branding is identifying your business destiny. Whether you are an employee or an executive, a professional or an entrepreneur, you need to determine your personal brand, the unique value you – and only you – bring to your organization.

Finding your brand idea is like examining your DNA. In personal branding, it’s finding what’s different, relevant, and special about you so that you can share it with others. It means packaging Brand You with a distinct visual and verbal identity and brand personality, and developing the communication skills and a game plan for success, the subject of Catherine Kaputa’s award-winning book, You Are a Brand!

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

As a business owner or a corporate entrepreneur, you need to determine what specific business you—and only you—were born to create. The best idea for you will involve the perfect convergence of your skills, talents, and passion with the needs of the marketplace.

Entrepreneurs and branding folks are always talking about the "big idea." But, I say, think small. It’s counterintuitive, but ideas that grow big start out small. They are focused and fill a tangible need in the marketplace. Growing small ideas and businesses into big brands is the subject of Catherine’s award-winning new book, Breakthrough Branding, How Smart Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs Transform a Small Idea into a Big Brand.

Women’s Leadership

Another passion of Catherine’s is female leadership and creating more female leaders, the topic of her book, The Female Brand. After all, women have a little catching up to do in the branding arena. Women aren’t as good at branding themselves in business as men are studies show.

The password for joining the branding crowd is “Yes!” We hope you will join us in the branding journey.